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Apart from iodine vapors from the sea and beneficial aerosols from the waves, one of the ingredients constantly floating in the air in Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort, is Love!

Sts. Constantine and Helena - one of the most beautiful places for a romantic getaway!

Here, where the golden beams of the sun caress the hair of the Sea and the Moon smiles on the horizon like a girl, you will find many opportunities to enjoy or celebrate with your partner that wonderful feeling that sometimes makes the Earth stop spinning.

Here are some ideas on how to spend an unforgettable vacation with your other half.

Medical SPA experience for two

Treat yourself and your partner to true relaxation by the waves. It is no coincidence that Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is one of the best places for SPA and wellness in Bulgaria. Here you will find numerous options for various procedures, beauty rituals, healthy baths in pools with warm mineral water, relaxation in thermal areas or everything you need for a premium vacation for two.

If you are looking for solitude, you can find it in the Executive Lounge at AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach. The place will provide you with a high-class experience with special compliments and access to all facilities of the thermal complex - Water area with 14 mineral pools and a rich Thermal area with one of the most impressive saunas on the coast with a view of the sea, salt room, Finnish sauna, herbal infrared sauna, hammam, steam room and indoor contrast pool. In the thermal complex, you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage and hot stone therapy for two, after which you will feel reborn, or take advantage of the Wellness A la Carte package, which lasts 2, 3 or 4 days and combines different types of treatments for couples.

Health Spring SPA center at ENSANA Aquahouse Hotel will welcome you with 11 mineral pools, aroma steam bath, hammam, herbal sauna, sauna and salt room. 26 therapy rooms await you for various therapies and procedures - thalassotherapy, treatment with Pomorie lye, mud therapy, diathermy, pressotherapy, phonophoresis, treatment with low-frequency currents, hydromassage, whirlpool, an option to reserve an individual indoor pool and many others.

If you choose accommodation at the artistic Astor Garden Hotel, the large outdoor pool will impress you not only with its size, but also with the possibility of year-round swimming - in summer you can find coolness in the hotel's natural green garden, and in winter - take a dip in the warm mineral water that also has healing properties. A sauna and a steam bath await you in the Thermal Zone, as well as an indoor pool with warm water.

At Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA, you can also find a well-stocked thermal area with sauna and steam bath, as well as 5 mineral pools, including a swimming corridors if you are both amateur or professional swimmers. The hotel also offers numerous options for various therapies and spa treatments to maintain good health and tone.

Culinary Adventure

One of the many advantages of Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is that it is not only a sea and SPA destination, but also has exceptional culinary possibilities with which you can pleasantly surprise your partner.

Here you will find a variety of restaurants offering a true gastronomic journey around the world in an elegant and intimate atmosphere.

  • 20e40c869eed02963c35d4ce8f21e918cc0d1bd6.png

    Restaurants in the resort



    Undoubtedly, one of the most proven "stops" in this respect is the Monty restaurant.

    Located in the Astor Garden Hotel, the à la carte restaurant offers signature dishes by chef Stanislav Petkov, inspired by Bulgarian and European cuisine in a refined atmosphere. You can enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner in the restaurant hall or watch the sunset on the spacious terrace overlooking the green garden and the sea.

  • 073255c9331852304f4af136363172bed3fbfe1d.png

    Restaurants in the resort


    Salvia Italian Lounge

    If you both enjoy the La dolce vita philosophy, then Salvia Italian Lounge will definitely appeal to you.

    In the restaurant you will find a wide variety of dishes that will transport you to Italy. Enjoy them in a cozy interior with exposed brick walls, comfortable seating and soft lighting that creates an intimate atmosphere.

  • 2001ca326e703cefe9ab69b1268d0ae515438e72.png

    Restaurants in the resort



    Do you want to "travel" to the east?

    Kampai Restaurant will take you on an amazing adventure far into Asia. Chef Svetoslav Petrov will offer you a variety of Asian culinary experiences and traditional sushi, and the Japanese tree in the restaurant, symbolizing the beginning of life, will immerse you in Eastern culture.

    You can also enjoy the culinary journey in the attractive terrace of the restaurant, surrounded by the garden of the Aquahouse Hotel.

  • f3b55a03142976784122a82ddf1f64e950fab6c0.png

    Restaurants in the resort


    Villa Chinka

    Embark on a daring adventure amidst Italian chic and Mediterranean flavor at Villa Chinka Restaurant.

    The restaurant will charm you with its spacious terrace by the sea, elegant interior hall and premium intimate experience. The exquisite signature dishes prepared from local products and the wide range of seafood specialties inspired by authentic and old recipes can impress even Marco Chinka himself.

  • a66517113bc5f31df113e14c07a21d9e55ca7410.png

    Restaurants in the resort


    The Bay

    The Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the resort where you can combine the beach with excellent cuisine.

    You will find it in the tranquility of the small bay in the resort complex, right on the beach - waiting for the sunrise and sending the sunset. You can enjoy many options from Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and BBQ for lunch and dinner.

  • 5280d87bbb019f5a4430b0c08e4c93bca18d64ee.png

    Restaurants in the resort



    A culinary extravaganza on the beach - where sand and waves merge into one.

    The restaurant transforms the free spirit of the modern hippie into love - for peace, mood, natural products and gifts from the sea. It will welcome you with a bohemian atmosphere on the beach and a selection of flavors that will impress you - from old and tried local recipes to new and unique flavors that will excite you long after.

  • f7b4d34702ea481e324da1fc3c5712e9bac7edba.png

    Restaurants in the resort


    Small City Cafe

    The Cafe will charm you with good coffee, fast and tasty food in a pleasant environment during the day, and in the evening you can enjoy aperitifs with light snacks and good music.

  • 8bcaf8db19e3ed7937c37ccf4416a582f3e544ed.jpg

    Restaurants in the resort



    Welcome and bon appetit in the new neighbor's yard - Pechkata restaurant - Sts. Constantine and Helena resort.

  • 1fa58c3fd731915dec9d7871f26645f6d76e63f7.png

    Restaurnts in the resort


    Villa Mare

    Villa Mare is a restaurant with unadulterated charm in the heart of Sts. Constantine and Elena.

    Here you will find a selection of flavors that create mouth-watering and joyful memories in a comfortable setting - a love story of seasons and classic aromas that you will undoubtedly enjoy immersing yourself in.

Romantic accommodation for couples

Undoubtedly, one of the most romantic places on the native Black Sea coast, which offers a unique experience for couples, is Villa Chinka.

It offers 11 boutique apartments, in whose stylish atmosphere and designer furniture you can immerse yourself in the sea tale of Marko Chinka, his bohemian soul, good wine, good food, beautiful women and his endless adventures.

A special welcome to the hotel

Do you want to surprise your significant other with something romantic and unexpected? Contact the hotel where you are staying to order a special decoration for the room where you are staying.

And here are some of the options that hotels offer:

  • Astor Garden Hotel - a bottle of champagne/prosecco, a selection of cheeses, sweet treats, flower arrangements, frozen strawberries etc.
  • Primorski Hotel - a bouquet of roses in the room, a flower arrangement or thematic decoration according to the occasion
  • Villa Chinka - a bottle of premium champagne/prosecco, selection of cheeses or boutique pastries, in-room flowers, in-room massage and more.
  • Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA - a welcoming with champagne and fruit in the room

A day at the beach

Is there anything more romantic than spending a whole day together with your loved one while sipping on the beloved Vitamin Sea and enjoying the silky sand? The crystal waters near the first Bulgarian seaside resort have been enchanting local and foreign visitors for over 115 years. Here, the charm of bygone times and the beauty of seascapes live forever in harmony.

The beaches of Sts. Constantine and Helena will welcome you with a fabulous view, wonderful music, a variety of amenities, cocktails and something to eat, offering opportunities for complete relaxation.

  • fb0f8c14dc64fea75b3336e8e537a03da25e0ffe.jpg

    Resort's Beaches


    Radjana Beach

    One of the hottest places on the northern Black Sea coast, which will tempt you with cocktails, modern music and many opportunities for remarkable shots.


  • aaa700635938ae0f862bda52ba1db9755baaa1fe.png

    Resort's Beaches


    MORE Beach

    The newest addition to the beach of St. St. Constantine and Helena, where you will find many opportunities for solitude and romantic moments.

    The beach offers sun loungers and umbrellas, individual cabanas equipped with a sofa, table, two sun loungers, umbrella, separate shower, and privacy. Drinks and food are available for your enjoyment and convenience. You can enjoy a beautiful view and pleasant music.

  • 14cfc42ec0f76cf6da41a47e9d3dc301b4d9e5a5.png

    Resort's Beaches


    The Bay Beach

    This beach is a recommendation for all fans of leisurely days spent among soft sand, fresh sea breeze, irresistible dishes and cocktails from the boho restaurant The Bay nearby.

  • 907bf38de3c06c72cfce8e4e74ed1afca55dd8da.png

    Resort's Beaches


    Astor Garden Beach

    Astor Garden Beach will offer you not only an opportunity to relax, but also for delicious temptations served to the accompaniment of sea waves.

  • 136bc6479cbcb2b150a48130064f7950a0516802.png

    Resort's Beaches


    Verdi Beach

    The ideal place to relax in one of the blue booths, in a comfortable lounge or in the jacuzzi located right on the beach.

  • 4fb687c255f89d910e332663914f72d771bd63c8.jpg

    Resort's Beaches


    Sahara Beach

    The beach is located near Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA.

  • 1ca88409ff50d69fef710d00834a80d4be96c93c.png

    Resort's Beaches


    Azalia Beach

    The wide beach of Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA is the perfect place to welcome the sunrise and indulge in the magic of the sea view.

A romantic walk near the resort

Located in one of the most picturesque places on our Black Sea coast, around the resort there are many natural and cultural attractions that you can visit with your partner as a romantic walk or an adventure during which you will learn many new things.

Here are the places we suggest you visit:

  • b448eb5f747488534bd44b35b79e75486841245a.jpg

    Ideas for a romatic walk


    The view and the big cross

    One of the sea barriers right next to the MORE Beach, houses the big cross. It was erected in honor of the monastery and the Christianity in Bulgaria, and the view that opens from it predisposes the taking of breathtaking shots.

  • 1c32b73ad6f7423cb9f07c43c0971c70e2f10248.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    The monastery of Sts. Constantine & Helena

    The place that gives the resort its name. The century old monastery is one of the most interesting destinations within the resort.

  • 0760caed247739647ba85b4e48be233f5890a45d.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    University Botanic Garden - Varna Ecopark

    Distance from the resort: 1 km

    The first ecoparkin Bulgaria, combining multiple ecosystems. In addition to the wonderful greenery and exclusive exhibits, the ecopark also houses the chapel "St. Kliment Ohridski", built in the highest part of the garden with a wonderful panoramic view of the sea.

  • d58a4a7a50896e3563ad3cc27357cbc6a8be0db4.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Euxinograd Palace

    Distance from the resort: 2 km

    The summer residence of the Bulgarian rulers from the Third Bulgarian Kingdom, known as the Euxinograde Palace, will impress you with its rich vegetation and sophisticated design. Walk among the alleys and enjoy the rich eco-diversity and beautiful views, combined with pieces of Bulgarian and European history.

  • 674c4748400c0dcdb9d3db9bf1d91c3ceb2b4663.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Aladzha Monastery

    Distance from the resort: 6.5 km One of the most famous rock monasteries in Bulgaria, which is worth a visit. The place is steeped in history, you can hear it if you listen to the whispers of the trees or the wind that sighs past the rocks.

  • d3dc62aa1e9dcea84917260855bcfac98a6b9e86.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Sea Garden Varna

    Разстояние от курорта: 6,5 км

    Distance from the resort: 6.5 km Stroll along the avenues that open a picturesque view of the sea. Enjoy the flower beds and take a beautiful photo as a souvenir of one of the most beautiful and beloved landmarks of the city.

  • f06762e6ae87d9eaef5db3e8621a6ba006f34aac.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Regional historical museum Varna

    Distance from the resort: 9 km

    One of the largest historical museums in the country, with a rich fund of exhibits presenting the history of the region and Bulgaria from ancient times, as well as an exposition of Christian art, worthy of impressing any connoisseur.

  • e5146c68c269efa08c37e762613493e42d40a791.JPG

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Roman thermal baths, Varna

    Разстояние от курорта: 9 км

    Here you will learn more about the history of the largest thermal baths in the Balkans in the former Odessos - the Pontian colony, which we now know as Varna. They used to be not only baths but also a center of public life.

    In the immediate vicinity are the so-called Small Therms and the New History of Varna". Museum.

  • 12e7d3ed9632adc3c90f1fe3a9ec798fac3b98de.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Vladislav Varnenchik Park-museum

    Distance from the resort: 14 км

    Built in the center of the battlefield between two Thracian mounds, the park-museum complex has become a cult place for worship by many European nations in memory of their fallen ancestors in the Battle of Nations, which took place on 10.ХІ.1444.

  • b8a77953f12b68fc220495f49ad853faff791a0e.png

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Galata panoramic view

    Distance from the resort: 18.5 km

    The view is one of the favorite places of the local residents and the guests of the city of Varna. It impresses both day and night, and couples in love can "lock" their love with a padlock that will keep this wonderful feeling forever.

  • eed8df62c6001195c731fb15d19508d3a6415853.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Pobiti kamani - Protected area

    Distance from the resort: 28 км

    A true natural phenomenon, a silent witness to the power of the elements and time on stone. Known as a sacred place since ancient times, the columns will impress you with the interesting ensembles in which they are assembled, with their history and the unique views that are revealed from the whole area.

    Photo: Dimitar Kanchev

  • 6aec0ac61a0958949d446e047d8297449b641359.png

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    The Palace Architectural Park Complex, Balchik

    Dictance from the resort: 27 km

    One of the most romantic destinations on our Black Sea coast, which presents a cultural and historical landmark amidst natural grace. Stroll along the brightly colored paths and visit the palace of the Romanian Queen Maria of Edinburgh, designed by Italian architects.

  • 5ce71784f4f6b5fb44817ba392697879fe8cd6e0.png

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    The abandoned plane near the village of Kalimantsi

    Distance from the resort: 31 km

    A more unusual proposition that you can walk to and take great photos (especially at sunset). The plane is located at Izgrev Airport next to the village of Kalimantsi.

    Photo: Trips with Rosie

  • b4e6726619a23ae9a4d18752e4c4e092af7e8dcf.jpg

    Ideas for a romantic walk


    Varna - 100 years Holiday Destination

    You can find more information on the official tourist portal of Varna.

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