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Parking conditions in St. St. Constantine and Elena

1. Work time

24 hour working hours at the following car parks:

  • "Chernomorets" parking lot
  • "Aquahouse" parking lot
  • Astor Garden Parking
  • Du Bay parking lot
  • Parking "Shopping Center" (underground)
  • "Villa Chinka" parking lot

Working hours from 08.00 to 24.00 of the dedicated SMS zone for paid parking with scope:

  • alley to "Primorski Shopping Center"
  • alleys around Chaika Hotel
  • alleys east of Gloria Street

2. Preferences

  • Guests of "Ensana Aquahouse", "Astor Garden", "Primorski" and "Azalia" hotels park free of charge in all parking lots except "Villa Chinka" parking lot, until 04/30/2024. Validation of the ticket for free exit is carried out at the reception of the relevant hotel;
  • Guests of the "Villa Chinka" hotel park in all parking lots for free. Validation of the ticket for free exit is carried out at the reception of the relevant hotel;

3. Prices for paid parking on the territory of the specified parking lots and SMS paid zone are as follows:

3.1. Price of stay for 1 hour/24 hours in BGN

car / van For 1 hour In 24 hours
"Chernomorets" parking lot (P1) 2 14
Parking "Aquahouse" (P2) 2 14
Astor Garden Car Park (P3) 2 14
Du Bay parking lot (P6) 2 14
"Primorski Shopping Center" parking lot (underground)(P4) 2 14
"Villa Chinka" parking lot (P5) - 30
Paid SMS area - alleys 2 -
*Possibility to purchase subscription parking. For more information, phone +359 884233110

Sts Constantine and Helena Parking

  • at all parking lots, a 30-minute free stay is required to find a parking space, and this stay is not deducted from the total time of use of the parking lot;
  • every hour started is billed as full;
  • after a 24-hour stay, each hour started is billed again at the price for 1 hour of stay;
  • if a ticket is lost, the visitor must pay a one-time fee of BGN 20;
  • the ticket issued automatically at the entrance to the paid parking area is kept by the customer until leaving the parking lot. After paying the corresponding price for the stay, the same is used for the machine when leaving the paid area;
  • for the payment made, the customer receives a fiscal receipt, which he keeps until leaving the paid parking area. The time to leave the parking lot after the payment is made is 30 minutes;
  • "Villa Chinka" parking lot is free for hotel guests only. For all others, a fee of BGN 30.00 per day is charged when crossing the barrier.

3.2. Charging for parking by SMS in a paid lane zone:

  • The downtime starts from the moment the customer sent an SMS using a selected short number.
  • Every hour started is billed as full.
  • After sending an SMS from the client to a short number (1h), the client receives a return SMS for successful payment of a paid stay for the corresponding selected period of time. The customer has the option to extend his stay time by means of a new SMS for the corresponding new period of time. Upon successful payment, the customer again receives a return message about a successful extended stay.

Payment methods for hourly parking

1. Parking via SMS

Customers of Bulgarian mobile operators send an SMS to the number 135201 for hourly parking with the text of the car number. The content of the SMS must reproduce the content of the license plate of the vehicle concerned. The system accepts Cyrillic and Latin characters with a maximum of 10 characters allowed.


In 1234 AB – correct

V 1234 AV – incorrect

B 1234 AB – incorrect

SMS number for 1 hour stay 13 52 01

1 SMS = BGN 2 + the value of the SMS according to the tariff of the customer's mobile operator

A successful payment is considered made when the customer receives a confirmation message back. The system sends a reminder message back 10 minutes before the paid parking time expires.

Customers can send an SMS for the relevant car before the end of the current pay period. In this case, parking is extended by another 1 hour. When a customer attempts to pay before the start or after the end of business hours, the system returns a message that the customer is trying to pay before the start or end of the zone's business hours and has not been charged.

2. Payment by debit/credit cards via mobile application "URBO parking"

In order to use the URBO parking mobile application, it is necessary to download the application for Android or iOS, after which it is necessary to register and load a virtual wallet.

The mobile application enables choosing a parking period between one or more hours. The application notifies 5 minutes before the expiry of the paid parking period so that it can be extended if desired.

3. Payment via QR code

Upon entering the parking lot, the customer automatically receives a ticket with a printed QR code. This will allow them to simply scan it and pay without having to enter any credentials.

Parking QR code BG

4. Parking by paying in cash

The stay can also be paid at the receptions of the Primorski Hotel, Astor Garden Hotel, Azalia Hotel, Aquahouse Thermal and Beach, as well as at the payment terminals in all parking areas in the resort complex.

5. Preferential parking of vehicles for people with permanent disabilities

On the territory of the resort St. St. Konstantin and Elena in the zones with the short-term paid parking regime "Paid Zone" a certain number of fixed and marked places are provided for preferential parking of vehicles transporting people with permanent disabilities without payment. If there is a shortage of parking spaces, parking is carried out under the hourly paid parking regime. Persons with permanent disabilities wishing to take advantage of the preferences must have a "Disabled Parking Card". In the event of a discrepancy between the card and the person using it and/or in the event of illegal use, the person will be charged at regular rates.

6. Improperly parked vehicle blocking

A "clamp" is placed on a vehicle parked in violation of the rules or with an unpaid toll. The driver of the vehicle detained with a "bracket" pays the costs of implementing the measure in the amount of BGN 20 and the due cost of stay of BGN 2 for each hour started. It is prohibited to damage the clamp and/or to release it by persons other than authorized persons.

If there is a "bracket", please contact: +359 882 455 630 and +359 52 510 203

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