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Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is where a holistic vacation meets quality care for health and beauty.

The hot mineral springs, the sea, the sun, the sand, the preserved nature, and the wonderful climatic conditions make the healing complex unique in terms of its therapeutic, balneological, and rehabilitation possibilities throughout the year.

The resort offers year-round SPA vacations, as well as excellent conditions for sports and rehabilitation, thanks to moderate summer temperatures, prolonged warm autumn, and mild winter.

Here, holistic health care includes a combination of sea treatments with climate treatment, balneology, SPA, mud treatment, and much more.

The mineral springs in Sts. Constantin & Elena Resort

Few countries on a global scale can compete with Bulgaria in terms of the abundance of mineral waters with diverse physicochemical composition. According to various sources, our country is among the top five destinations not only in Europe but also in the world, which have this unique natural wealth. Over 90% of the mineral waters in our country have healing properties.

Among the destinations in Bulgaria that have rich resources of thermal springs with proven therapeutic effects on the human body is Sts. Constantine and Helena.

The resort has seven hot mineral springs that form the basis of the year-round SPA and wellness traditions of the complex.

The mineral waters are calcium-magnesium, slightly mineralized and spring from 1,800 to 2,050 meters underground with a total flow rate of 175 l/s, and the water temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. They are extremely suitable both for the treatment of various diseases and for the prevention of the whole organism and the improvement of immunity.

According to an expert balneological evaluation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, the mineral water in the resort successfully treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the endocrine system - diabetes, obesity, gout. During the summer months, the upper respiratory tract, as well as some chronic skin infections, are very successfully affected.

The mineral waters in the resort are also proven for drinking purposes - they are suitable for daily consumption. Mineral water is most valuable and useful when drunk on site at the resort, in its natural form.

Details about the mineral water, its composition, and its applications can be found in the resort's free e-book here

Important: The described text is informative and in no way has a medical character. Always consult with your doctor before undergoing treatment with mineral water and other natural elements.

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    Interesting facts about thermal water


    Thermal wealth

    In the resort of Sts. Constantine and Helena, there are 7 thermal mineral springs, each with a different water temperature ranging from 40 to 60°C.

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    Interesting facts about thermal water



    The mineral waters in the resort are purely thermal, weakly mineralized (acratotherms).

    This class of waters has proven healing properties.

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    Interesting facts about thermal water


    Useful substances

    The thermal waters in the resort contain biologically active substances such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbonates, fluorine, sulphates, sodium, silicon, and others, which are suitable for both prevention and treatment of various diseases.

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    Interesting facts about thermal water


    Treatment and prevention

    The elements from the composition of the mineral water in the resort successfully treat cardiovascular diseases, problems with the endocrine system - diabetes, obesity, gout, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the functional nervous system.

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    Interesting facts about thermal water


    Benefits in the summer

    During the summer months, the upper respiratory tract, as well as some chronic skin infections, are very successfully affected

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    Interesting facts about thermal water


    Drinking application

    The mineral waters in the resort have a proven drinking application and are suitable for daily intake after a consultation with a doctor.

The sea climate in Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort

The combination of hilly, forest landscape and sea climate are the basis of climate treatment in the resort.

The sea, the sun and the sand are among the true natural treasures of the complex. In addition to rest and pleasant moments, they are also used with great success in the various balneological and recreational programs offered by Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort to their visitors.

The resort's microclimate is described as favorable for treating upper respiratory tract conditions and allergies. Not by chance, a sanatorium for treating these conditions has been established here. The negative ions carried by the sea breeze affect the nasal mucosa by stimulating the endocrine system. This leads to an increase in the local and overall immunity of the body.

The climate here has a toning and hardening effect, strengthening the body's protective forces, while the increased content of iodine, bromine, and fluorine in the air significantly reduces thyroid problems in people staying near the Black Sea. High atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature are the three main climatic factors that determine the good tolerance of the body to the conditions provided for prevention and treatment.

Coastal walks, seaside sports, and outdoor therapeutic exercises are other factors that are favorable for the health of guests and visitors to the resort.

You can find ideas for a walking route with beautiful views along the sea in our blog here

Seawater therapy (Thalassotherapy)

МThalassotherapy has its long-standing traditions in the resort. The beneficial effects of sea water are still used in many healing and balneological centers located on its territory.

Thalassotherapy has a long history and has been proven to have a beneficial effect on the human body. The salt, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in seawater and algae improve blood circulation, balance metabolism, strengthen the immune system, regulate hormonal balance, and maintain overall body condition.

Sea water and waves also have an interesting effect on the body, acting as a nonspecific peripheral massage, which improves the texture and turgor of the skin, helps burn excess fat, and strengthens the overall immunity of the body.

Vacation by the sea is one of the most pleasant ways to take care of your overall well-being and good mood.

Wonderful accommodation options on the complex's territory can be explored here

Sand treatment(Psamotherapy)

Sand treatment is a known technique since ancient times and was used by the Egyptians and Greeks. Sand treatment successfully removes stress and accumulated fatigue.\

Psamotherapy affects the human body thanks to its temperature. When heated, the sand releases the minerals it contains more easily through the skin of the body (calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and others).

Mineral particles from the sand improve blood circulation, massage and exfoliate the skin, have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and lead to the relief of some diseases.

Walking on the sand also has a healing effect, since there are points on the feet that are responsible for our internal organs and systems, the impact on these points can have a beneficial effect on the function of the whole body. Walking on the beach brings not only pleasure and peace of mind, but also has a beneficial effect on health and tone.

Sun treatment (Heliotherapy)

Heliotherapy is a method of improving health through regular sunbathing. With proper and responsible exposure to the sun's rays, the human body acquires the UV rays it needs, through which vitamin D is formed and synthesized, which is so necessary for the body.

The sun is especially useful for people with joint problems and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It successfully reduces pain and positively affects the general condition, reduces nervous tension, improves mood, prevents fatigue and depression.

Sun treatment is a very pleasant way to increase immunity and vitality.

More about the natural resources of the destination can be found in the resort's free e-book here

Medical and SPA Centers in the Resort

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    Health Spring SPA

    • +359 52 812 002

    Health Spring SPA continues the long-standing traditions of the resort in the field of balneology, balneotherapy, health prevention and rehabilitation. The spa center is located in the Ensana Aquahouse Hotel. We know that mineral water is a natural source of health and beauty. It is one of the most valuable natural resources of the complex and this makes it one of the most preferred SPA destinations.

  • DSC04269-Edit (1)-min.JPG

    AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach

    • +359 52 812 812

    In order to offer our guests a variety of opportunities for relaxation, recovery, sports and entertainment, we have combined all the unique natural features of the resort in one place - in AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach - the most modern water facility in the complex.

    The thermal complex is located right on the seashore and offers numerous opportunities for Balneo, SPA and Wellness tourism. It has 14 outdoor and indoor pools and water features of different depths and temperatures, powered by mineral water.

  • Interior-13-min.jpg

    Azalia Medical SPA Center

    • +359 52 358 808
    • +359 700 70 799

    The Medical SPA of Azalia Hotel is a true temple of tranquility where you can escape from everyday stress and tension and enjoy a wide selection of special treatments, relaxing massages, face and body therapies and healing programs.

  • 051bad04a6e9cef826d2f54533e25d37f8a4ecf0.jpg

    Astor Garden SPA Center

    • +359 52 817 717

    The spa center at the Astor Garden Hotel is a place where you can enjoy a wide selection of special treatments for a healthier and more beautiful body. The complex has 3 outdoor pools (swimming, children's and warm mineral pool) and an indoor pool with mineral water. All guests' favorite place to relax has a sauna, steam bath, tangential bath and offers spa treatments, massages and treatments. In the spa center you will find a fully equipped gym for an effective workout and toning.

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