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This unique corner of the sea coast offers not only beautiful nature and clean beaches, but also a wealth of history, culture and gourmet experiences.

As you plan your next vacation here, here are 5 quick facts about Sts. Constantine and Helena, which may interest you:

1. The first Bulgarian seaside resort


Stс. Constantine and Helena is the first Bulgarian seaside resort. Its discovery dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and since then the resort has become an attractive place for rest and relaxation, it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and has a unique character.

2. Historical wealth and legends

Sts. Constantine and Helena extend on the site of an ancient Roman resort, which was called Therme. This resort has a long history associated with legends about the healing properties of the thermal springs. One of the legends says that Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Saint Helena personally visited these places and recovered after some time here. For this reason, the resort received its name Sts. Constantine and Helena in honor of the great emperor and his mother.

3. Unique thermal springs


One of the most significant attractions of the resort are the thermal springs with healing properties. The water from these springs is rich in minerals and is considered beneficial for health.



The thermal complexes and SPA centers in Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort offer various procedures, massages and healing therapies that help to relax and restore the body. These thermal springs are one of the oldest in Europe and guarantee an incredible experience and relaxation for visitors.

4. Culinary delights

Besides nature and SPA, Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort offers a wealth of culinary delights. The restaurants in the resort offer a wide range of dishes - from traditional Bulgarian cuisine to international gourmet specialties. Here you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood delicacies, delicious salads and attractive desserts that will satisfy every taste.

5. Cultural landmarks

The resort offers historical and cultural attractions that can enrich your trip. One of them is the ancient monastery Sts. Constantine and Helena. Today the temple has new frescoes, carved thrones and an isographic dome and altar. The monastery is extremely visited because of its shrines.

Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is a destination with a living heart and soul that offers an exceptional experience for every visitor. From legends and history to nature and culinary delights, the resort will impress you with a variety of entertainment. If you are looking for a combination of relaxation, adventure and gourmet experiences, then Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is the perfect place for your next vacation.

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