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Vacation time is sometimes limited, yet the desire to relax and have fun even for a short time is just as exciting. When we prepare a weekend getaway to some heavenly place, we often start wondering how to choose what exactly to do in order to enjoy our vacation to the fullest. Precisely because of this, today we will take you around Sts. Constantine and Helena and we will show you a specially prepared plan for you on how to spend your short vacation in the best possible way. A fabulous day awaits you, filled with charming views, relaxation and pleasant moments.

1. Preliminary hotel selection

Before arriving at the resort, choose a cozy hotel to spend the night or nights. Sts. Constantine and Helena offer a wide selection of accommodations, distinguished by a unique atmosphere and a variety of services and packages. This way, you can choose style and comfort according to your preferences and needs.

2. Breakfast, with a view of the sea

What better start to your holiday than a morning starting with breakfast and coffee on the shores of the Black Sea? Choose one of the many establishments overlooking the sea and enjoy the sun's rays and the gentle sea breeze. Discover the diverse flavors of the fresh products and seal in your memory the moments of peace and bliss that will be with you throughout the day.

3. Walk around the resort

After you've enjoyed breakfast, it's time to stroll through the streets of Sts. Constantine and Helena. Enjoy the atmosphere and explore the local shops and cafes where you will find a variety of entertainment.

4. Lunch at a restaurant by the sea

Choose one of the fine restaurants in the complex such as Monti, Campay or Brisa for lunch. Enjoy the seafood specialties and gourmet delights that the restaurants offer. The flavors and atmosphere of these places will be a real paradise for your senses and a pleasure for your soul.

5. Beaching

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the golden sand and crystal sea water while catching a tan. Choose one of the beaches in the complex and get ready for real relaxation. Settle into the comfortable lounge chairs lined up on the beach, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sounds of the waves gently crashing on the shore.

6. Relaxation in a SPA center

After your beach adventure, it's time to top up your relaxation at one of the resort's SPAs. Treat yourself to moments of peace and solitude. You can choose between sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, pools, massages and many other treatments to feel recharged and refreshed.

7. Dinner and cocktails at a beach restaurant

End the day with a stylish dinner and cocktails at a restaurant by the sea. Choose a romantic place with a beautiful view and immerse yourself in the wonderful emotions and memories of the past day. Enjoy the sunset over the sea and the song of the waves that will take you to another dimension.

This is your fabulous 24-hour escape from reality at the Sts. Constantine and Helena. Create unforgettable memories and tell your story for an incredible weekend full of magic and experiences.

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