The treasures of Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort

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Just a few kilometers from Varna, surrounded by the coolness of the seashore and luscious greenery, lies one of the most picturesque places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Sts. Constantine and Helena – the first sea resort of Bulgaria, known for more than a century for its beautiful marine landscapes and wonderful nature, a place to meet the sea throughout all seasons, for pleasant emotions and complete rest.

Since ancient times people have appreciated the natural resources of the place and have drawn from its power and energy. Nowadays, we follow their footsteps, develop our experience and traditions by making the best use of water as a source of health, youth and beauty, rediscovering its abilities to cleanse, to heal, to give life, energy, strength and wellbeing.

Today Sts. Constantine and Helena offers visitors its picturesque coastline, its cozy beaches, its clean air, as well as health and beauty through the power of the sea and the mineral waters of which the resort is rich.

About the therapeutic effect of the sea, sea water, sun, sand and sea air at Sts. Constantine and Helena

People have known from ancient times the beneficial effects that the sea, the sea water, the sun and the sea air have on human body and instinctively use these natural factors to protect health, to temper the body and to prevent diseases.

The words of the great Greek poet Euripides are still very relevant today: “The sea purifies all human evils”.

The favourable natural conditions at the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort – the sun shine, air and sea water temperatures, the beach strip and sea breeze are prerequisites for their use for health, prevention and treatment, for recreation, sports, vacations and unforgettable emotions at the sea. Thalassotherapy and preventive marine therapy have traditions at the resort for many years.

Thalassotherapy and preventive marine therapy have traditions at the resort for many years. The positive effect of sea water has been successfully used both in the past and today in many recovery and balneological centers located at its territory. The climatic resources of the destination are employed alongside with the sea water with its specific characteristics, rich content of magnesium, calcium, bromine and iodine.

About the benefits of thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is one exclusively useful method for the whole human body because the sea water composition includes many minerals and microelements unlike fresh waters, and on its turn, this has a favourable effect on blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and hormones. Scientists relate sea water to the complex mineral waters with high mineralization. It has much in common both by chemical structure and physiological effect with the chlorine-sodium and sulfate-magnesium waters. Sea water contains many minerals in the form of salts and diluted gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, iodine, bromine, sulphur, iron, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, calcium and others which penetrate the body through the skin. Besides mineral ingredients, it also contains a significant quantity of plankton and organic substances.

Thalassotherapy and preventive marine therapy use natural resources which include climatic conditions, as well as factors serving for prevention, rehabilitation and treatment – curing mud, lye, sand, algae. Thalassotherapy is done via marine aero therapy, heliotherapy, enriched warm sea baths, sea baths, algae treatment, lye treatment, psammatotherapy.

It has been proven that sea water and algae have the capacity to stimulate the blood circulation of the body, to tone and tighten the skin, to restore the water, protein, vitamin and mineral balance of the body, to free the body from toxins, to heal the skin and capillaries. The combination of sea, mineral water and sand has a complex effect on the whole body.