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Health and beauty through the power of water

Seven curative mineral springs. Over 100 years of tradition in balneo and sea therapy. Modern spa centres and modern hotel complexes. This turns Sts. Constantine and Helena into an incomparable destination for health and a way of life that is fulfilling.

Here you can combine your vacation in a unique and natural way with care for your health and beauty. You can diversify treatment programs with an exquisite dinner in some of the best gourmet restaurants. You can enjoy not only a complete relaxation at the spa & wellness centres, but also a leisurely walk along the seashore.

Sts. Constantine and Helena is a seaside and spa resort that has been sharing and developing the Bulgarian traditions in the area of sea therapy, balneology and spa tourism for over 110 years now. One of the greatest advantages of the place is that it is rich in natural resources for the development of spa, wellness and balneo tourism. Here, the power of the sea, the sun and the sand intertwine with the hot mineral springs. This combination has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the spirit and the body, strengthens immunity, reduces stress and exhaustion. The resort offers year-round spa vacations, sports and rehabilitation facilities. Total health care includes a combination of sea with climatotherapy, balneology, spa and mud therapy.