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Health from the sea

Since ancient times, the beneficial effects that the sea and the sun have on the human organism are well known. We instinctively use these natural health factors. Their positive impact is successfully used in many healing and balneological programs offered in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort.

Sea therapy

Sea therapy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, metabolism, immune system, hormones and the overall condition of the body.

It uses the climatic conditions, as well as factors for prophylaxis, rehabilitation and therapy - healing mud, lye, sand, algae. It is done through sea aerotherapy, heliotherapy, enriched hot sea baths, sea baths, algae therapy, lye therapy and sand therapy.

It has been proven that seawater and algae have the ability to stimulate blood circulation, to tone and tighten the skin. The combination of sea, mineral water with sand has a complex effect on the whole organism and improves immunity.

Sea climate for health and prophylaxis

The micro climate of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is described as favourable for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract and allergies. It is no coincidence that a sanatorium was established here for the treatment of these diseases. The combination of a hilly, wooded landscape with a sea is a factor that determines the favourable climate of the resort. The negative anions that carry the sea breeze affect the nasal mucosa by stimulating the endocrine system. This leads to an improvement in the local and general immunity of the body.

The micro climate has a toning and health improving effect and strengthens body defence. The favourable combination of high atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature are the three main climatic factors that determine the body's good tolerance to the conditions for prophylaxis and treatment. Coastal walks and sports activities are other factors that are beneficial to health.

Sun therapy (heliotherapy)

Sun baths are one of the most popular and preferred pleasures of people for health and beauty. The sun impacts us with its energy. A lot has been said about the damages from the sun. And with a good reason. But the sun can also be very beneficial if we use it with care and protect our body and skin. The human organism needs the UV rays of the sun. One of the most important benefits is that they make it possible to form and synthesize vitamin D in the body. Sun exposure is especially beneficial to people with joint problems and diseases of the locomotor system. The sun reduces the pain and has a positive effect on the overall condition.

Sun rays also favour good emotions. The daily and rational sun exposure reduces nervous tension, improves the mood, and fights depression. Heliotherapy is also suitable for improving immunity.

Sand therapy (psamotherapy)

Sea sand has a beneficial effect on the body, too. Ever since ancient times, Egyptians have used sand to relax after a hard day by preparing sand baths. Sand therapy was also applied by the ancient Greeks. When heated, the sand gives away the minerals it contains through the skin of the body more easily (calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, etc.)

Walking barefoot on the sand also has a healing effect since there are points on the feet that are responsible for our internal organs and systems, the impact on these points can have a beneficial effect on the whole body function.