Mineral water

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Water - a source of health, youth and beauty

The mineral water is among the most valuable natural resources of the complex, and the water and its use for health care are the basis of its development as a year-round spa and wellness destination. The resort has 7 hot thermal mineral springs. They are calcium-magnesium, poorly mineralized, with a water temperature between 40° and 60°C.

Effect of mineral water on the human body

The mineral water in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort has an effect on the body with its mineral and gas composition and high temperature. It is suitable for both prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. In case of external application, the mineral water has an effect on the skin - both on the skin itself due to its direct impact and by the accumulation of chemical elements as a depot in the underlying tissues. Once in the circulation, the elements of mineral water spread in the whole organism.

The elements of the composition of the mineral water in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort successfully treat cardiovascular diseases, endocrine problems - diabetes, obesity, gout, diseases of the locomotor system and the functional nervous system.

In the summer months, the upper respiratory tract, as well as some chronic skin infections, are also influenced very successfully.

The mineral water in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is used for prophylaxis and has positive effects on the following conditions:

  • degenerative joint diseases;
  • disabilities of the intervertebral discs;
  • mono and polyarthritis, periarthritis, bursitis, insertionitis, joint syndromes in systemic diseases, etc.;
  • states after fractures and their surgical treatment;
  • post-arthroscopic conditions;
  • conditions after hip, knee and shoulder joint endoprosthesis;
  • stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease;
  • mono and polyneuropathy, radiculitis, plexitis, consequences after trauma of the peripheral nerves;
  • myocardial infarction (subacute and chronic phase) and after cardiac surgery - bypass, cardiac valve prosthesis.

The mineral water in the resort is proven as drinkable. Suitable for daily intake.

Mineral water is the most valuable and useful when drinking in the resort, in its natural form.

Important: The text described is informative and in no way of a medical nature. Always consult your doctor before taking mineral water and other natural remedies.