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The Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is a unique place where nature and the sea combine in harmony with history and culture from different periods.

The Sts. Constantine and Helena Monastery

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular cultural and historical sites in the resort from the past to the present day is the ancient Sts. Constantine and Helena Monastery.

Here, one can rest from the worldly noise and vanity in a true spiritual oasis, predisposed by a beautiful nature, rich history and that elusive mysticism that exists only in the Orthodox monasteries.

Today, the temple has new frescos, carved thrones and a painted dome and altar. The monastery is visited by many people due to its sacred objects. The miraculous icon of the patrons of the monastery St. Constantine and St. Helena occupies a place of honour. In November 2011, with the blessing of the Bishop of Varna and Veliki Preslav, Dr. Kiril, the monastery received the relics of St. Constantine and St. Helena, donated by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The temple is also one of the three places in the world that possesses a piece of the relics of the patron saint of the people in love - St. Valentine. The temple treasury also preserves a fragment of the True Tree, a piece of the hat of St. Matrona Moskovskaya, St. Seven Sleepers, St. Maria Gatchinska, the monks killed in the St. Sava Monastery, the shoe of St. Alexander Svirsky. But the greatest treasure of the monastery remains its ayazmo. It is supposed that the miraculous spring, built under the holy throne in the altar of the monastery temple, was the reason why the monastery was founded in the time of the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander (1331-1371).

Art gallery under the stars

While walking through the green areas of the resort, you will find that the park today is not only a space for walking but also a place for meetings with art. For several years, the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort has been an outdoor art gallery and the collection of sculptures for the park environment is expanding every year.

Among the coolness of the sea and the greenery of the park, sculptors from all over Bulgaria gather at the plein air “Touch the Nature” in order to interpret the connection between sea, earth, nature and people through art. The artists create their works in front of the tourists and guests of the resort, turning it into a workshop under the sky for a month. The newly created artworks are positioned in the park area of the complex, and the visitors can see them at any time of the year.

The green wealth of the resort

The Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort is situated amidst the greenery and the coolness of natural vegetation, which is annually renewed. The name of the Czech park-builder Anton Novak, who is famous for building the Schönburg and Belvedere palaces in Vienna and the Sea Garden in Varna, is connected with the establishment of the park in the resort.

The oldest tree on the territory of the complex today is the over 100-year-old Polish elm (Ulmus campestris), which is located in the yard of the Frédéric Joliot-Curie International House of Scientists and enjoys the status of a protected tree. A Green Fund was established in the resort. Anyone who wants to plant a tree can contribute to the preservation of the natural environment of Sts. Constantine and Helena and its enrichment with new green vegetation.

Eco-Park Varna Botanical Garden

In close proximity to the resort is the University Botanical Garden - Eco-Park Varna. It is the first eco-park in Bulgaria that combines artificial with natural ecosystems, located on an area of 360 decares. The Botanical Garden is famous for its rich collection of irises, which includes more than 250 varieties. Archaeological finds from the 2nd to the 4th centuries, discovered on the territory of the Varna University Botanical Garden, are: Roman Tomb, The Delves, Roman Villa.

The St. Kliment Ohridski Chapel, built on the highest part of the garden with a wonderful panoramic view of Varna Bay, is also found in the Eco-Park.

Diving attraction

A unique world diving attraction is found in the water area of Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort - this is the 50-meter TU 154, which served the Bulgarian government for 20 years. The plane is situated 700 meters away from the yacht port of Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort. It is at a depth of 22 meters below sea level. The access to it is free for all certified divers.

Coordinates of TU 154 under water:

  • 43°13´404 N
  • 028°01´464 Е