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Odessos Café, Astor Garden Hotel

Ancient history with an accent of contemporary charm

Surrounded by fresh greenery, you will find yourself in a fabulous café. Here, you will enjoy a wonderful garden and complete tranquillity. Astor Garden is built on the place of the former Odessos Hotel, a symbol of the ancient history of Varna. By borrowing the old name of the city - Odessos, the place pays tribute to the past, with the desire to preserve and continue the traditions.

Beach bar

Sun tints amidst golden sands

Just a hundred meters away from the Big Beach - the largest in the resort. The golden sand will make you relax on a sun lounger under the shade of the umbrellas. Pamper your senses with a refreshing drink from the beach bar. A relaxing music will charge you with a good mood, while you admire the tranquil bay.

Lena Pavilion

Inspiration and surrounding freshness

Amidst the gardens of Astor Garden Hotel you will find a cosy place for you to relax. Lena charges with a positive mood. You can indulge in complete relaxation, and the greenery will fill you with freshness in the hot day. This place will embrace you with cosiness and inspiration just a step away from the outdoor pools. Experience the bliss of rest in a charging atmosphere, away from the noise and daily busy commitments.