Aquahouse Thermal & Beach

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All unique natural resources of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort - sea, sun, healing mineral water are combined in the Aquahouse Thermal & Beach thermal complex. The complex is a destination for balneology, spa, wellness, sports and health care.

Situated on the beach, the complex gives the feeling of peace and tranquillity and offers opportunities for balneo, spa and wellness tourism. With its 14 swimming pools and water facilities, Aquahouse Thermal & Beach combines the healing power of the mineral water with the pleasant feeling of the sea breeze, the benefits of sea water and the sea climate. It combines skilfully the conditions for rest, sport, recovery and rehabilitation. The whole complex is supplied with mineral water with the following characteristics - temperature of 46°C, total mineralization of 553 mg/l, hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium-magnesium water, which make it suitable for a number of therapeutic applications.

Healing and prophylactic properties of the water

When using the mineral water for drinking balneotherapy and balneoprophylaxis, it has beneficial effects on the following diseases - gastrointestinal, gall-liver, renal-urological, metabolic.

Outdoor balneotherapy and balneoprophylaxis

It has beneficial effects on diseases of the locomotor system, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, orthopaedic and traumatological diseases, skin and gynecological diseases.


Specific diseases, oncological and infectious diseases, heart rhythm disorders, acute-stage diseases and decompensated organ and system function, epilepsy.

At Aquahouse Thermal & Beach, guests can enjoy four distinct zones, providing them with different kinds of sensations and activities.

Aqua area

Visitors can take advantage of different in size indoor and outdoor pools, a 25-meter swimming pool, a hot mineral pool, an outdoor Finnish sauna, a Jacuzzi. For the people who love sun rays, there is a comfortable beach and relaxation area.

Children's area

For the youngest guests, there is a special children's area with indoor and outdoor swimming pools with a temperature of 32°C; two of the pools are also suitable for babies. Animators offer activities and entertainment for children.

Thermal area

It enhances services and provides conditions for full recovery, rehabilitation and balneotherapy. Additional indoor and outdoor pools, equipped with plenty of water jets that help relax the muscles and relieve stress. The therapeutic pool with 42°C mineral water is suitable for the prevention of diseases of the locomotor system and the peripheral nervous system, for the rehabilitation and improvement of orthopaedic and traumatic conditions, gynaecological and skin problems. Finnish and herbal infra-red sauna, hammam, steam bath and salt room are also available.

Wellness area

For the people who love exercises, there is an opportunity for individual and group sports activities - fitness, aerobics, yoga, etc. In the same area, there are devices for prophylaxis and rehabilitation - electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and mud therapy. Special restorative and beauty procedures - mineral baths, hair salon and cosmetics have been selected for beauty care.